Conflicts and Meditations @ CCM Library

Conflicts and Meditations

September 16th, 12:00pm

CCM Library

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH

Although seemingly disparate ideas, conflict and meditation can coexist in society and are perhaps essential for dealing with large issues. In times of turmoil, conflict can move us towards change. In times of inevitable conflict, meditation can provide solace, resolution, or recovery. We invite you to reflect on your personal experience with these themes as we explore the benefit and beauty that comes from their interactions. This program is a partial version of the complete concert Conflicts & Meditations that can be heard on the 18th at 2:00pm at ACRO in Cincinnati.

Conflicts and Meditations

Running time is approximately 45 min.

Free admission.

Conflicts & Meditations

DISAGREE!     Miguel del Águila

(b. 1957)

Wave Hands Like Clouds           Owen Hopper

(b. 1995)

Rodeo Queen of Heaven Libby Larsen 

(b. 1950)

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